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Conequip Ltd source equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. 

Con-E-Co are our batch plant manufacturer.  They are based in Nebraska, USA and are part of the Oshkosh Corporation.  Con-E-Co’s focus is on providing plants designed to handle the rugged requirements of this industry.  They are built with proven components that are rated to exceed the demands of the application.

Sysdyne are our supplier for Batch Control, dispatch systems and Paperless Ticketing and sign on glass solutions.  They are based in Stamford Connecticut, and offer the latest technology in both hardware and software packages.

Hydronix supply moisture monitoring and control equipment for the ready mix industry.  They are based in the United Kingdom, and have the best range of equipment for moisture measurement in bins or in mixers.



We offer a full range of solutions from small loader plants to 1000-metre per hour project plants and all automation solutions for the ready mix industry.

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